The Hunt

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The Hunt

Explore the Stanford campus! Shoot some wild pictures! Build your team!

Grand prize: 5 Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablets!
Runner up prize: 5 Amazon gift cards worth $50!

More secret prizes to be discovered during the Hunt!

Asha Stanford’s The Hunt is a unique treasure hunt where you and your friends team up to solve a series of clues all over the Stanford University campus, all the while taking action packed pictures and helping support the education of underprivileged children. At the end of the hunt, these pictures are tallied and given points.  The team with the most points wins exciting prizes!  

Where: Main Quad 320-105, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA

(Braun Corner of Main Quad, Bldg. 320, Room 105)

When: Saturday, Oct 13th, at 3pm

Get your tickets early here, or on the day

RSVP on Facebook event page and find out how to win a free ticket

Each team should have 5 members. If you want, we could help you form a team on the spot.

Your team wins points by capturing images, using your smartphone cameras, that fit given a list of images. Some of these image tasks may be as simple as “take a photo of your team helping a stranger”, while others may require some out-of-the-box thinking, such as, “take a photo of someone on your team behind bars.”

While breaking the law or actually being arrested would obviously disqualify your team from the hunt, many people have found unique ways to capture these images, and have been awarded bonus points for their creativity!

At the end of the hunt, we will meet again at the Main Quad 320-105, get some great Indian food, make a presentation and tally points to identify the winners of the grand prize!

Ticket prices:

Individuals (we will help you make a team at the venue)

$15 for student (with valid student id)

$20 for non-student

20% discount when you buy tickets as a group

$60 for a group of 5 students (need to show at least 3 student ids)

$80 for groups of 5 non-students

Again, buy your tickets now here

Follow the Facebook event page for more information and hints!

Happy hunting!

The Asha Stanford Team

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